Who’s the Boss ?

Just finished watching the  last episode of Boss, this weekend. It was a very good show because, unlike most US TV shows, it didn’t drag on for ages, left many questions unanwsered and the bad guy won. Well, the mayor won but I am still not sure if he was a bad guy.

The character of Thomas Kane kept me glued for two and half weeks to the screen. It was clear that the mayor was corrupt, morally even if not economically, but he always seemed to be motivated by a genuine interest in the city affairs. However, as the show’s end was drawing near it became more evident that Kane only purpose was power for the sake of power.

This becomes clear in the last scene of the last show, where is almost murderd his wife because she had given a slice of his power to an outsider. That she had had sex with said persona was irrelevant to the mayor.

Even though the show pretty much killed all expectations I still harboured about transparency and accountability in a modern democracy, I still have an admiration for what Thomas Kane had accomplished. In a thoroughly corrupt environment he managed to get his will done without getting too much soiled. Yes, it is true that, among other niceties, he ordered is fair share of assassinations, estrangled his daughter and wife and may or may not have fixed it so his father-in-law would vegetate on a wheelchair. But he did these things for good reasons, as cynical as it may sound, and at least did not profit from the misery of others like their oponents so often did. Think Alderman Ross, ‘ Babe’ McGantry or even the State Attorney, Jeff Doyle.

In the end, I kind of whished that there would be another season. But thank God it didn’t, otherwise it would have been ruined.

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